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Thousands of students are missing out on their right to an education. They can’t go to school because they have to work to survive.

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As the entire world knows now, Category 4 Hurricane, Harvey has destroyed thousands of homes, flooded tens of thousands of vehicles and left countless families displaced and bunkered in shelters.

We call upon ALL Houstonian’s to continue coming together and supporting one another.

NSF needs your help. Let’s WORK TOGETHER to raise funds for those college students in need. Many have had their dorms and belongings destroyed by Harvey!

Please share, contribute and notify the students that you may know and have been affected to visit to apply for a “Relief Scholarship” – website to be updated as soon as we raise at least $1,000.


PS. If you are a business owner and would like to donate in the name of your business as an NSF Sponsor us direct at 832-922-1923.


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CONGRATULATIONS FALL 2017 Award Recipients!

Humza Shaikh
Student - University of Houston (NSF Scholarship)

Congratulations on a job well done! Through your hard work and determination you have proven to be a student that NSF takes pride in recognizing and encouraging you to continue your educational effort. – NSF Team

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Malena Gimenez-Zapiola
Student - St. Thomas University (Floor N More Scholarship)

Floor N More is pleased to announce its FIRST scholarship recipient and could not be more delighted to have selected Malena for the award! – DFW Floor N More

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Let’s support one another and educate our future, OUR YOUTH!

Help us create a noble societey in which justice, equality, and freedom is offered to all persons by supporting education and establishing educated communities.

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