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Noble Step Foundation’s mission is to create a noble society in which justice, equality, and freedom is offered to all persons by supporting education and establishing educated communities.


All students are encouraged to visit our Scholarships page and apply for any and all scholarships that they are qualified for.

Founded in Houston, Texas

December, 2014.

Let's Rise Together

With your commitment and support we can build a strong and educated future, together.

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Noble Step Foundation does not hold back any administration or advertising fees from your contributions. 97% of your contribution is directly transferred into the scholarship fund.

Unfortunately, the 3% lost is collected by PayPal for using their service.

Meet The Team

Nader Matari

Once a mechanical engineering student at the University of Houston, Nader experienced challenges that not many others had.

Amongst those challenges was the high cost of education.

After graduating and working in industry for 5 years, Nader took it upon himself and his family to establish a program that can provide scholarships to hard working and over-achieving students.

This was the formation of Noble Step Foundation.

Mohamad Ghattas
Public Relations Director

Whether it is a high school event 2 years ago or a college event today, you better believe that Mohamad was always there. Mohamad has always been the life of the party growing up and always had a gift of making others smile.

Mohamad’s current educational goal is acceptance into medical school to pursue his passion of becoming a doctor.

Mohamad is excited to use his free time and college connections to spread the cause of Noble Step Foundation and help us all Rise Together.

Narmeen Hussein
Human Resource Manager

With degrees from University of Houston, Houston Baptist University, and South Texas College of Law, Narmeen fully appreciates the value of a good education and is a strong supporter of the pursuit of knowledge, not only to open doors up to new opportunities, but also in order to strengthen the mind and fine tune one’s passion in whatever they may value.

Avidly supporting those who struggle to support themselves all on their own, Narmeen’s goals are to help as many students advance in society through the attainment of an undergraduate and/or post-graduate degree.

Ibrahim Kassem
Operations Manager

When your why is strong, you’ll do anything to achieve your goals. Ibrahim is always focused on what really matters in life and dedicated to help others to achieve their personal goals.

Ibrahim’s future goals is to pursue a career in Civil engineering and create a ripple effect that will change someone’s life by supporting students in course planning, major selection, careers, and providing scholarships as well for those who are dedicated.

As an agent of change, Ibrahim believes that bright education is the right track for a bright future.

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