Award Recipients

Spring - 2017

2 Brothers Transportation & NSF Scholarship Recipients.

Tam Thanh Tran

University of St. Thomas

“With immense gratitude and joy, I humbly thank the Noble Step Foundation and sponsors for this generous opportunity. Your kindness and support serve as a major stepping-stone for me on my journey to become a physician. You have inspired me greatly through your mission, and what your organization stands for.

I am beyond grateful to be able to use my education and efforts to impact and improve my community, and the lives of individuals I encounter. Thank you for your recognition and encouragement, as I would not be able to pursue my goals without your unwavering support.”

Award: NSF Scholarship 

Yousf Radwan

University of Houston

“Working hard is waking up everyday and utilizing your time wisely.”

Award: 2 Brothers Transportation Scholarship

Fall - 2016

Narine E.J. Wandrey
Student - UT Health Science Center

“My profound respect and gratitude to Noble Step Foundation. Their generosity and confidence in me as a future physician makes my hopes soar in bringing healthcare to those who need it the most!”

“My road has not been easy, but I am doing the only thing that makes me happy by working to find cures, and helping both little ones and those at the end of their lives. Thank you. I am most honored by this scholarship.

Spring - 2016

Edward Collaku
Student - Al Huda University

“I believe strongly in education, a trait that has been passed down by my father, who ironically has had only five years of schooling. He stressed in getting that “piece of paper” (diploma).

I am the second person behind my older cousin in getting a degree since our family can remember and I have a strong desire to learn more, challenge myself and to teach others.”

Fall - 2015

Jordan Schneider
Student - Al Huda University

Jordan’s current goal is to read, write and speak Arabic proficiently enough to recite and understand the Quran while being able to converse with Arabic speakers.

Beyond that, Jordan looks forward to completing her Masters in Islamic Studies and securing employment in devastated areas of the world such as Afghanistan and Syria assisting refugees, teaching, and managing emergencies.